I am the host of all kind the parties, but my main targets are wedding. The soundtrack for each party is individual and complicated, which is why I always talk it through with the chef-stuff. According to the age and kind of the guests, I'm always trying to choose songs, which are compare, taking as the background for this my many-years experience. I usually have a thousands of music pieces with me, which make me sure, that I can find something for everyone - even with the higher taste of music. In my playlists You can find music from 50. and later. And I don't stay with one genre only, wanting to get to everyone.

Cooperation with me is not a hard one - I have my own music equipment and lights effect, as well as transport. Actually, the only thing I need from client is electricity and - if is essential to travel far - the return of fuel costs, as well as accommodation. All the terms I used to talk with the customers by my own through the e-mail or telephone. I'll be happy to answer any questions or doubts  You may have.

The most important day in Your life need to be extraordinary - leave it to a professional DJ and host and make Your party unforgettable.