There will be more bananas. Several weeks ago, this column responded to a reader`s question about bananas, which, on the outside, looked bright yellow and perfect but upon peeling revealed dark slimy centers. A temperature above 57 degree Fahrenheit accounts for the ripening of the bananas and subsequent color change. Unlike fruits that need to ripen on the tree or plant, growers pick bananas that are firm, green and fleshy. Not knowing what it was, I dug it out with a spoon and saw more of these reddish streaks that led all the way through the center of the banana. Red fungus inside bananas. There's apple , leveled at Native Americans who are allegedly white on the inside. Bananas aren’t really a fruit. The warmer the temperature, the sooner bananas will ripen and get darker in color. Banana and Oreo, sure. Nigrospora is a fungal disease that causes the centre of the banana to turn dark red. I have never seen any banana which is red inside If somehow I come across one I will not eat it but simply dispose it in dustbin. Bananas are typically harvested while they’re still green. The banana's blue glow was discovered by scientists at the University of Innsbruck in Austria and Columbia University in New York, the first team to look for this phenomenon in bananas. But with the future of the banana industry in flux, here are eight things you didn’t know about them. Each banana looks a little different as they are picked very early and then gassed to not ripen during shipment So different batches sometimes have different spotting. This helps ensure they don’t get too ripe before you buy them. With this high starch content inside the fruit, bananas are firm and hard. August 14, 2013 at 12:04 PM. Unripened bananas are a light green color that begin to yellow as they ripen. As long as the bananas are fine on the inside don’t worry. Ethylene is a crucial ripening hormone that makes bananas change color, as it aids the fruit in its ripening. Red Streaks Inside Banana? Once the fruit leaves the tree, amino acids inside began to change to ethylene gas. Rae. This discolouration has led to false claims of bananas containing blood. As the seed is about to achieve maturity—kicking in the fruit ripening process—hydrocarbon gas called ethylene starts changing the banana’s color. There are a variety of plant diseases that can cause the inside of bananas to take on a red discolouration. I was opening a banana and i saw these red spots at the top. Thus, refrigerated bananas will darken much more slowly. Banana growers and shippers are aware of that and insulate the bananas from any rough handling. The enzymes soften the banana, sweeten the fruit and change the color … However, once these bananas are closer to their final destination, either at distribution centers or the supermarket, handling may become less careful, causing black center syndrome. There's Twinkie , which does the same work as banana . Reply. This gas eventually ripens the banana. 1.