Best served neat, Grey Goose is one of the original ultra-premium vodkas on the market and offers a delightfully crisp taste with a smooth finish. The high starch content of this rye yields a velvety soft level to the vodka, confirming its spot at the top. Thunder Toffee Vodka | Five Times Distilled Premium Grain Vodka | 100% Natural Toffee Syrup | Spirits Business Awards Gold Medal | Smooth & Creamy | Great Taste Award - 29.9% vol - … But if you enjoy the spirit more when mixed, a range of the best vodka-based drinks can be created with any brand on our list. Pinnacle released a "Paper or Plastic" television ad in 2012. As with other spirits, the calorie content of vodka varies, depending on the proof. All products featured in this article are independently selected by our editors. Although some brands of amaretto do use almonds in the distilling process, many use apricot pits instead, since they also impart an almond Pinnacle vodka is produced using French grain and water from the same region as Grey Goose. Skyy is the domestic leader in the arena of premium vodka. When vodka is produced using something other than potato or cereal grain, like Ciroc, which is made using grapes, it must legally be declared on the bottle. The original, unflavoured bottle is a popular choice around the world and one that works well as a standalone sipping vodka or mixed into cocktails. 8 New Vodka Bottles to Try Right Now If you think you know this popular spirit, think again. The strongest vodka in the world, and also the strongest commercially-available alcohol in the world, comes from Polish Distillery Spirytus. ... Shop Pinnacle Then … "Pinnacle Vodka is dedicated to developing unique, indulgent flavors that create an element of fun and nostalgia for our adult consumers," said Jason Dolenga, senior brand director of vodka for Beam Inc., in a statement. Svedka, whose name is a combination of “Swedish” and “vodka”, is definitely a crowd-pleaser, with a bottle that’s inexpensive but promises to mix well. As a spirit famed for its lack of strong flavours, vodka’s versatility means it goes well with most mixers. We took into account the quality of the grain, potato or other base product used by each brand as well as its sustainability and whether or not the alcohol was produced locally. It’s filtered twice through quartz sand and a silver filter with a long and crisp, vanilla-tinted finish. Crystal Head contains no additives, glycerol, citrus oils or sugars, meaning that the taste of the vodka is entirely pure and authentic. It’s a solid vodka that, while best served chilled, is also enjoyable when mixed at room temperature. These vodkas have much stronger flavour profiles than plain vodka and can be found on the market in different colours with varying aromas. A crisp vodka, it has a fresh nose and is flavoured with hints of citrus, vanilla and wheat. We looked at the process used for distilling the spirit, the number of times each bottle was distilled as well as any unique factors included during this process. Its name translates literally to “alcohol” in Polish and, in its home country, is usually used for infusing Polish medicinal tinctures called Nalewka. Distilled from Grain, ©2020 Fielding & Jones, Ltd., Frankfort, KY, USA Beam suntory marketing code Terms & conditions Supply ChainDo not sell Age is just a … Ciroc uses grapes grown high in the Gaillac region of France and distils its vodka five times before bottling. Then, it’s distilled in column stills or pot stills to reach its desired purity. The smoothest vodka is Belvedere vodka, which is almost velvety on the tongue and has a premium flavour to match. Other notes include peach, black pepper, lemon and other fruits. Pinnacle Melon, Banana, Mango, Chocolate, Pomegranate, Le Doublé Espresso, Root Beer, and Butterscotch were introduced. The flavour profile of Skyy vodka makes it a great base for a Martini, too. With its beautiful packaging and incredibly smooth content, Belvedere vodka is a top-shelf brand that should be enjoyed sparingly. Before drinking vodka or preparing any vodka-based cocktails, store the bottle in the freezer for a few hours. It’s possible to flavour vodka with almost anything, ranging from more traditional (artificial) fruits to unique and creative offerings like salted caramel, bacon or chocolate. [17] This was not shown in Pennsylvania television markets, due to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board having a monopoly on liquor sales in its state-owned/operated Fine Wine and Good Spirits stores. This vodka is one of the smoothest on the market, thanks to its distillation process, and uses charcoal to distil the spirit five times. It’s a similar process to what’s done when producing gin (as vodka and gin production start off the same way) and results in any number of different varieties. Mix it with triple sec, cranberry juice and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice before shaking with ice into a cocktail glass and serving with a lime wedge. Absolut is produced using only natural ingredients and is made from 100 percent Swedish wheat. This is what the brand calls the true taste of vodka. [6], Pinnacle Vodka was ranked the #1 Premium Spirit Worldwide based on growth 3 years in a row from 2010-2012.[7]. Owned by renowned designer Leon Verres, Billionaire Vodka is the most expensive vodka brand in the world. Best vodka for a Cosmopolitan: Crystal Head. It’s a solid vodka that, while best served Kara Newman is an award-winning writer, book author and 2008: Pinnacle became a priority brand for White Rock Distilleries, and the company began investing heavily with national advertising. DIVA doesn’t use gold in its vodka production, but it does involve precious stones for a truly luxurious taste. Ciroc is undoubtedly one of the most distinct vodkas on the market, thanks to its distillation process and attention to detail. But Pinnacle is known for its cornucopia of sweet and fruity products, and these flavored vodkas tend to have more calories than the plain variety. 2006: Pinnacle Grape and Blueberry were introduced, and the package was updated. It’s another easy-to-drink vodka that mixes perfectly into a wide range of cocktails, thanks to its fairly neutral taste. Everything from the delicious spirit inside to the classy, translucent bottle makes Belvedere live up to its name, which translates as “beautiful to see”. Kors combines delicious vodka and history in its bottles. Get it today with Same Day Delivery, Order Pickup or Drive Up. However, the corn used in its production process lends a sweetness to the vodka that’s not found in other brands. Charcoal Filtered: Filtering with charcoal is thought to remove off-flavours in vodka after the distilling process before the spirit is bottled and sold. Russian Standard Vodka - vodka as it should be. This top-shelf vodka is renowned for being one of the smoothest on the market, and it’s a joy to sip it neat. 2009: Pinnacle Cherry Lemonade, Tropical Punch and Pinnacle 100 Proof were introduced. 2003: Pinnacle Classic Vodka is launched. Its high alcohol base means that Spirytus certainly comes with a bite and should not be drunk without being heavily diluted first. It’s crystal clear with a slightly sweet smell to it and a plump, round taste. The best tasting vodka is Hangar 1 Fog Point, a small-batch vodka with notes of pear, citrus and honeysuckle. The brand maintains strict production guidelines to keep its consistently premium taste, ensuring that each step of the process occurs on Polish soil, using locally-sourced raw ingredients. QualityLiquorStore.Com is your online liquor store in the USA. For its price, this vodka is smooth and enjoyable, with its stylish bottle and classic aroma. Taaka vodka is produced and marketed by the Sazerac Company of New Orleans. This Site Might Help You. Before the final step, every bottle of vodka goes through a particle filter before it’s chilled and sold. The brand produces its vodka in western Siberia, Russia, using artesian water for the ultimate authentic taste. 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This is a vodka known for its many tasting notes, making it ideal for drinking neat. While Absolut offers plenty of flavour variations, its original, unflavoured vodka should be a staple of any liquor cabinet. The ad ends with her snapping out of her daydream by two men, at a grocery store, asking her if she'd like paper or plastic bags for her Pinnacle. Alcohol levels are … A crisp vodka, it has a fresh nose and is flavoured with hints of citrus, vanilla and wheat. To bring out the notes of the spirit, go for soda and a squeeze of lime or pair it with tonic water. Each bottle is handmade out of crystal and its recipe is an ancient one ordered by Russia’s Czar Nicholas II. A bottle of plain vodka involves only two ingredients – ethanol and water, at 60 percent and 40 percent respectively. There are plenty of popular vodka-based cocktails to enjoy. This vodka has a huge 192 Proof or 96% ABV and is made up of premium ethyl alcohol with an agricultural cereal origin. Pinnacle® Vodka, 40% Alc./Vol. Freezing the vodka will remove any harsh flavours and softens the aroma and taste. The brand, owned by LVMH, is named after Belweder, the Polish presidential palace in Warsaw and is produced in one of the world’s longest continuously operating Polish distilleries. 2011: Pinnacle Vodka Ranks #6 Imported vodka by Impact Magazine. Then, enjoy the hints of vanilla and mint before its bitter citrus ending. It uses a cold fermentation process to ensure the best flavours and offers a refreshingly different and excellently crisp taste. RE: What is the alcohol content of pinnacle whipped cream flavored vodka? As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. As a relatively straightforward spirit, vodka can be distilled from virtually anything. There are three types of vodka on the market, and the main difference between the three simply boils down to what’s been included during the infusion process or what’s been added after the distillation process. For a more flavourful drink, orange juice or grapefruit juice both mix well with vodka. Or, keep it simple in a highball glass with a vodka soda or vodka tonic.